In 1962, this business adventure began with D. Rafael Pascual, a fighter and entrepreneur who has shown through all these years how effort and tenacity have their rewards.

So, in 1967 his company becomes the first manufacturer of flocking for upholstery. In 1972, he began to manufacture his own machinery for velvet due to the increasing demand of this product in the market. All this investment leads the company, in 1980, to obtain a great success with the imitation of leather through the improvement of flocking technology. Ten years later, AquacleanGroup achieved a sales success with Courtisane, the international product sold in more than 80 countries. In 1999, AquacleanGroup opened its first subsidiary in the United States, followed in 2006 by the Polish subsidiary.

AquaClean Group is a solid Spanish textile group formed by 6 industrial companies located in the area of ​​Alcoy (Grafer, Antecuir, Interfabrics, Textiles Pascual, Pascual and Bernabeu, Serpiscolor), in C. Valenciana, and two trading companies located in Poland and Singapore. With more than 50 years of textile experience, the Antecuir and Interfabrics companies are the main representatives of this Group whose specialty is fabrics for sofas, decoration and automotive. With more than 10 years of experience in Aquaclean Technology, and more than 40 million meters of fabric sold with this innovative technology, there are already more than 6 million families, in more than 70 countries, who enjoy the adapted Aquaclean Technology to the fabrics of your sofa.